About Enduring Supply

The onset of SARS-CoV-2 forced health systems to reevaluate supply relationships with GPOs, distributors, and internal users – often adjusting to novel strategies.  Health Systems seeking diversified, responsive, and transparent sourcing may even be reaching out directly to manufacturers.  Starting with the direct import of over six (6) million surgical NIOSH N95s during the spring and summer of COVID 2020, Enduring Supply has been serving both acute and non-acute care facilities in the USA.

Enduring Supply has proven its ability to secure and allocate critical medical supplies whereas traditional players struggled

Our Value Proposition:

Due to our unique relationships with over fifty (50) FDA 510(k) production OEM manufacturers in greater Asia, we can provide privileged and bespoke access to help health systems manage risk in the supply chain for disposables, noninvasive devices, and electronics.

  • Fill critical supply gaps
  • Increase supplier redundancy
  • Reduce sourcing layers
  • Decrease sourcing response time
  • Increase control of sourcing pipeline
  • Increase supplier diversity (minority-owned business)

Our COVID-19 track record:

  • 100% contracted on-time order completion
  • > 100 million units PPE delivered
  • Zero refunds/recalls issued
  • Customers in 48 contiguous states

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”

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